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Reviewing the penalties of DWI charges

On Behalf of | Jul 2, 2021 | Firm News

If a law enforcement official recently stopped you for drunk driving and DWI charges have arisen, you need to explore your legal options and understand the potential consequences associated with your case. Many lives are irreparably damaged due to DWI charges, including those wrongly accused of driving while impaired.

From losing your job to sustaining serious damage to your reputation, spending time behind bars and struggling with costly fines, these allegations create lasting damage for many people in this position.

Looking at the levels of DWI charges

The North Carolina Department of Public Safety reports that drivers face different penalties for DWI depending on the details surrounding their case. Level V DWI charges can result in 24 hours to 60 days behind bars and a $200 fine. Level I and Level II DWI charges carry much harsher penalties. Those facing Level I charges could spend 30 days to 2 years behind bars and $4,000 in fines, while Level II DWI charges carry a maximum sentence of 1 year in jail and $2,000 in fines. People face Level I and Level II DWI charges for different reasons, such as DWI cases involving children, injuries and repeat offenses.

Looking at felony and underage DWI

In North Carolina, DWI becomes a felony if drivers have three DWI convictions in the last 7 years. Moreover, these charges include a mandatory jail sentence of at least 1 year. Also, those under the age of 21 cannot drive with any level of alcohol in their system. Those under 21 caught with any amount of alcohol in their system face license revocation and other repercussions.