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Helping You Defend Your Driver’s License From Speeding Tickets

Motorists traveling through Jacksonville know how aggressive police can be when targeting speeders. Whether traveling on a local road or on one of the major highways running through the region, or even in a construction zone, drivers who exceed posted speed limits are frequently pulled over and issued tickets.

If you have received a speeding ticket, you need to make sure you understand the impact this will have upon your driver’s license. Pleading guilty and paying the fine could mean you are assessed points on your record, and too many points in a short amount of time might result in the loss of your license.

At Mewborn & DeSelms, Attorneys at Law, we help residents, commuters and vacationers contest speeding tickets received in and around Onslow County. Our experienced lawyers will explain what is happening in your case, and advise you of the best steps to take to help you keep your license.

We Can Appear On Your Behalf

One of the biggest advantages to having an attorney help fight your ticket is that we can go to court to challenge the ticket for you. If you live in a different part of the state or outside of North Carolina, we can take care of the entire process without you having to return. We have appeared frequently on behalf of clients who have been charged with speeding. We understand how to fully investigate and prepare a case for trial.

Reckless Driving Tickets

Some motorists who operate at high rates of speed or engage in any other behavior that places other drivers at risk may receive tickets for reckless driving. These are extremely serious tickets that bring high fines and other significant consequences. If you have been issued a citation for reckless driving, speak to our lawyers before you pay the fine connected to the ticket. You have to know more about what this means for your future before you make any decisions about your next steps.

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We know how important your license is to you, and we will do everything we can to help you stay on the road. To talk to an attorney who can help you fight back against the consequences of a ticket, call our office at 910-225-4179 or send us an email.