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When You Are Ready To Foreclose, We Can Help.

As a taxing authority in the Jacksonville area, you have a heavy responsibility to look out for the best interest of all citizens in your district. When it comes time to foreclose on a tax-forfeited property, you want to make sure you follow every necessary step to properly receive and resell the property.

At Mewborn & DeSelms, Attorneys at Law, we help many towns and counties with various aspects of municipal law, including foreclosure on a tax-forfeited property. We are an established firm, assisting clients throughout the Jacksonville area for over two decades with real estate matters. Our attorneys believe in dedicated client service and the highest professional ethics.

Services We Offer

Once your office identifies a property for foreclosure, we can handle all legal aspects of the foreclosure for you, including:

  • Sending legal notices to the owners
  • Handling all correspondence with property owners
  • Filing foreclosure documents
  • Scheduling foreclosure sales and posting notice of the sale
  • Reviewing redemptions or bankruptcy filings by the owner
  • Completing all paperwork necessary to transfer title to purchaser

We will work with you from beginning to end to achieve your legal goals and make sure every property is sold properly. Our attorneys work one-on-one with clients, helping them make informed decisions at each step. When you hire Mewborn & DeSelms, you hire a legal team you can depend on.

Are You Looking To Invest In A Tax-Forfeited Property?

Many people and businesses look at tax foreclosures as an opportunity to invest in a property. Counties and municipalities put these properties up for sale so they can recoup the unpaid tax revenue. If you are interested in investing in one of these properties, view our page listing current properties for sale.

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