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Penalties for driving on a suspended or revoked license

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2021 | Firm News

Drivers in North Carolina are expected to follow the state’s rules regarding the operation of motor vehicles. Motorists are granted driving privileges in the state, and these can be revoked if the drivers fail to demonstrate that they can be safe drivers.

The state uses a points system which means that a license may be revoked or suspended if a driver exceeds a certain number of violations in a specific period of time. Those who lose their licenses will need to follow specific requirements in order to get their licenses back, but, often they fail to follow these steps and decide to drive anyway. Here is some information regarding the possible penalties that may apply for driving while a license is suspended or revoked.

Consequences of driving with a revoked license

Some may decide to get back behind the wheel before they have had an opportunity to have their driving privileges reinstated. Those who are convicted of driving while their license is revoked or suspended may be charged with a Class 3 misdemeanor. Those charges bring fines as well as a potential for up to 20 days of jail time. Additionally, outside penalties may also apply as well. Auto insurance companies may raise premiums for those with these types of violations, which can greatly add up over time.

Know that this will only increase the potential issues that you could be facing going forward. An experienced lawyer can help you explore the actions you can take to have your license restored.

Special circumstances for DWI revocations

There are additional restrictions that may apply in circumstances where a motorist is convicted of DWI. When a driver ends up being convicted of driving while intoxicated, his or her licenses will be automatically suspended. This is a considered a Class 1 misdemeanor, and it is punishable by up to 45 days in jail, even for a first offense, along with a potential fine.